Twenty Point Programme (TPP)

The twenty point programme (TPP) is a package of Social Sector Schemes and Programmes.It consists of 20 points and 66 items being Administered by various ministries of Government of India and implemented State/UT Governments. The programme covers various socio-economic aspects like poverty, employment, education, housing, health, agriculture, afforestation and environment protection, drinking water, energy to rural area and welfare of weaker section of the society etc.

Working Procedure

This section collects monthly expenditure reports from district offices and after getting data/information from different departments,compile and analysis it and send the monthly progress report to Government, of India. The states are ranked on the basis of their performance in respect of selected monthly monitored items.

Main activities/ report published

    Collection of Monthly Progress from District Planning and Statistical Officer and after review and compilation send it to the Government of India
    Provide budget administration Process and direction related to 20 point program to State/district

Monthly Progress Report (MPR) of 20 Point Programme

1. August' 2012
2. September' 2012
3. October' 2012
4. February' 2013
5. March' 2013
6. April' 2013
7. May' 2013
8. June' 2013
9. October'2013

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