Language, Literature & Dialects

Language: Assamese is the main language used by the Inhabitant of Golaghat District. A small part of inhabitant of Urban areas use Bengali and Hindi.

Literature: Main Literature of Golaghat District is Assamese.

Dialects: Apart from the Assamese language, the Mishing Community of the District use dialects in their areas. The Tea Community People are use some Assamese mixed language among them and few Bodo inhabitant of Golaghat also use their dialects in their area of the District.

Traditional Art Form

Puppet Dance / Bhaona: This is a popular traditional Art form of Doyang ,Puspabon area of Golaghat. which to be rejuvenated.

Jari Geet: is a traditional form with Zikir in Naharani Batiporia,Dergaon.

Diha Nam: it is also a traditional Dance form perform with Khol, Nagara,Tal ,Dotara, Ananda lohori. etc in the whole district.

Tokari Geet / Dehbisar Geet: its with Tokari (Made by wood, Strings) played by the singer himself accompany by Khol, Dagar etc.

List of Satras in Golaghat District

Sl No Name Address Sl No Name Address
1. Kurubahi Satra Kurubahi, Numaligarh, Golaghat 2. Adhar Satra Adha Satra, Golaghat
3. Atha Guri Satra 4. Ulutoli Satra
5. Alangi Satra 6. Ouguri Satra
7. Khothatoli Satra 8. Kondoli Satra
9. Kathbapu Satra 10. Kathbapu Satra
11. Khorongial Satra 12. Gojola Satra
13. Gojola Satra 14. Gowranga Satra
15. Sokora Satra 16. Sapori Satra
17. Supuha Satra 18. Tongaporia Satra
19. Sesa Satra 20. Jokai Satra
21. Hamdoi Satra 22. Thokorial Satra
23. Telpani Satra 24. Thukubil Satra
25. Dekial Satra 26. Dihing Satra
27. Na-Satra 28. Namati Satra
29. Nachonipar Satra 30. Pohumoria Satra
31. Pukhuripar Satra 32. Puranimati Satra
33. Powmoya Satra 4. Pholobari Satra
31. Pukhuripar Satra 32. Puranamati Satra
33. Powmoya Satra 34. Pholobari Satra
35. Moderguri Bokulguri Satra 36. Borahat Pukhuri Satra
37. Balibapu Gongiya Satra 38. Bohgongi Angangli Satra
39. Bishnupur Satra 40. Bhimpur Satra
41. Bongatee Satra 42. Bhutmoria Satra
43. Bhutmoria Satra 44. Madhumishra Satra
45. Mahmora Satra 46. Mahmora Satra
47. Machimati Satra 48. Rupkolia Satra
49. Letugram Satra 50. Sawodkusi Satra
51. Sawodkusi Satra 52. Kathbapu Satra