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Name of District HQ Golaghat
Geographical Area 3502 Sq. KM
Distance of Dist. HQ from State Capital 290KM
Longitude 93016/to 94010/ East
Latitude 25050/to 26047/North
Relative Humidity
Height Above Mean Sea Level (HAMSL)
Annual Rainfall
 Classification of Workers (Nos.)
Annual Rainfall
Small & Marginal Farmers
Agricultural Labourers
AHousehold/Cottage Industry
Allied Agro Activities
Other Workers
 Land Utilisation (in ha)
Geographical Area
Net Sown Area
Fallow Land
Cropping Intensity
Area brought under high yielding veriety seeds (Ha)
 Assembly Constituencies
No. of Assembly Constituencies 4 Nos.
Name of Assembly Constituencies 93 No. Bokakhat LAC
94 No. Sarupathar LAC
95 No. Golaghat LAC
96 No. Khumtai LAC
 Parliamentary Constituencies
No. of Parliamentary Constituencies 1 No.
Name of Parliamentary Constituencies 11-Kaliabor

Nos. of Sub Division 4 Nos.
Name of Subdivisions Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dhansiri, Merapani
Nos. of Rev. Circle 6 Nos.
Name of Revenue Circles Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dergaon, Sarupathar, Morongi, Khumtai
Nos. of Dev. Block 8 Nos.
Names of Development Block North Dev Block, Dergaon
Golaghat West Dev Block, Bokakhat
Kakodonga Dev Block, Sitalpathar
Morongi Dev Block, Morongi
South Dev. Block, Sarupathar
Golaghat Central Dev. Block
Gomariguri Dev. Block, Gamariguri
East Dev. Block, Padumani
Nos. of Town 5 Nos.
Names of Town Golaghat (MB), Dergaon (MB), Sarupathar (TC), Bokakhat (TC), Borpathar (TC)
Nos. of villages 622 Nos. (including NC village)
Nos. Police Stations 12 Nos.
Names Police Station Golaghat PS, Dergaon PS, Kamargaon PS, Bokakhat PS, Bagijan PS, Sarupathar PS, Sungajan PS, Barpathar PS, Merapani PS, Ghiladhari PS, Urimghat PS, Jamuguri PS

Total Population 10,66,888 (As per 2011 Census, Provisional)
Male 543,161
Female 523,727
Urban Population 97,736
Rural Population 969,152
Population Growth 12.75%
Average Literacy 77.43
Male Literacy 83.56%
Female Literacy 71.09%
Population Density/Sq. KM 305
Population below poverty line

Total Nos. of Civil Hospital 1 No. (K.K.CIVIL HOSPITAL)
Total Nos. of SDCH 1 No. (Bokakhat SDCH)
No. of Block PHC 5
Name of Block PHC Missamora BPHC, Bokakhat BPHC, Sarupathar BPHC, Caringia BPHC, K.B. Ali BPHC
No. of CHC 4 Nos.
Name of CHC Sarupathar, Charingia, Dergaon, Merapani
Total Nos. of FRU 1 No. (Bokakhat FRU)

Total Nos. of Fire Service Stations:
Name / Place Contact Nos.
Fire Brigade, Golaghat 03774-280300
Fire Brigade, Bokakhat 03776-268017
Fire Brigade, Sarupathar --

Total Nos. of Colleges:
Name of College Contact Nos. Status Govt./Proviancialised)
Melamora Junior College, Melamora 94350-53903 Proviancialised
Borpathar Junior College, Borpathar N/A Proviancialised
Deboraj Roy College, Golaghat Town 03774285607 Proviancialised
Furkating College, Furkating Proviancialised
Golaghat Commerce College, Golaghat Town 03774285065 Proviancialised
Kamargaon College College, Kamargaon N/A Proviancialised
Jaya Gogoi College, Khumtai N/A Proviancialised
Sarupathar College, Sarupathar N/A Proviancialised
Dergaon Kamal Duwara College, Dergaon 037742380299 Proviancialised
Hemprova Borbora Girls College, Golaghat Town N/A Proviancialised
Total No. of High School
Total No. of Higher Secondary School
Total No. of Elementary Schools
Total No. L.P. Schools
Total No. of Private Schools

Sl No. Name Distance from District HQ Address
1. Kaziranga National Park 77 KM
2. Garampani in Nambor Forest -- KM
3. DeoPahar -- KM

Sl No. Name Distance from District HQ Address
1. Kaziranga National Park 77 KM