Historical Background


...to the 5th century, reveals that there was an independent kingdom in Doyang - Dhansiri valley and relics of ramparts, brick structures, temples, tanks etc. discovered in these area confirms the presence of a kingdom during 9th and 10th century.

Medieval Period: The Doyang – Dhansiri valley came under the rule of Ahom's during 16th century. Prior to that, this part was ruled by the Kacharis known as Herombial. During Ahom rule this area was under 'Morongi – Khowa Gohain', an administrative officer.

Modern Period: After British took possession of Assam , Doyang – Dhansiri valley was included under the newly formed Golaghat subdivision of Sibsagar District in 1846. Later, Golaghat was elevated to the position of a full-fledged district of Assam on 15th of August 1987.