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Government Of Assam Golaghat District


  • Nos. of Sub Division 4 Nos.
    Name of Sub-Divisions Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dhansiri, Merapani
    No. of Revenue Circle 6 Nos.
    Name of Revenue Circles  Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dergaon, Sarupathar, Morongi, Khumtai
    No of Development Bolcks 8 Nos.
    Names of Development Block North Dev Block, Dergaon 
    Golaghat West Dev Block, Bokakhat 
    Kakodonga Dev Block, Sitalpathar 
    Morongi Dev Block, Morongi 
    South Dev. Block, Sarupathar 
    Golaghat Central Dev. Block 
    Gomariguri Dev. Block, Gamariguri 
    East Dev. Block, Padumani    
    Nos. of Town 5 Nos.
    Name of Towns Golaghat (MB), Dergaon (MB), Sarupathar (TC), Bokakhat (TC), Borpathar (TC)
    Nos. of Villages  622 Nos. (including NC village)
    Nos. Police Stations 12 Nos.
    Names Police Station Golaghat PS, Dergaon PS, Kamargaon PS, Bokakhat PS, Bagijan PS, Sarupathar PS, Sungajan PS, Barpathar PS, Merapani PS, Ghiladhari PS, Urimghat PS, Jamuguri PS